Jun 9

Jesus Christ

We have not gone under. Things have been crazy. Lost a printer, lost computers, formatting issues, personal tragedy, etc. BUT, 003 ‘12 Pieces’ will be released by the end of this month.

Other updates: Congrats Henry Luke for being a slam poetry champion. 


Jan 20

I DONT LOVE YOU-sold out

I Don’t Love You by David blah blah blah is sold out. A limited repress is happening, soonish probably. Order more and more will be made.

January Zine has been pushed back to feb because everything is crazy constantly all the time forever.

We at sisterbrother have been passing around LUSK by Jessalyn Wakefield and it has been ripping off faces, so check it out:


Jan 17

Office Space II: That one room we are converting into something useful

Series of updates—-

Sisterbrother is converting a disused room (was a storage room, then a bedroom, then a music room, then a storage room, then just an empty room) into an office. Like a real office. We will have a filing cabinet.

There are also ‘new faces’ within sisterbrother who will work in the office sometimes. We are growing slowly. AND we are still always looking for help. Interns basically. We will make dick jokes with you.

The January Zine is stumbling into being. It takes a long time because people are essential unreliable. Mostly. Probably. Soon though. 

Other projects in the fire—comic book, three poetry chapbooks, and blahblahblah.

Beginning of February: release of youth speaks chapbook, after a million and a half setbacks—-printing of project 003, which is finally coming to a close after such a spillage of time.

Dec 16
Panel from the comic Funeral by Benjamin Sanders

Panel from the comic Funeral by Benjamin Sanders

Dec 15

002 YSS chapbook

Excited to announce that the Youth Speaks chapbook is finished and looking ‘fetching’. It is seventy pages and made of paper and is nice. Really. It is nice.

It is currently being printed off and should be available within the week. A portion of the proceeds, of course, go to Youth Speaks Seattle.

Dec 2

003- Photography and Literature litany

We are super excited to unveil our new project, which doesn’t have a name yet, but is underway like breathing is underway. It is a ‘mash-up’ combining both talented photographers and equally talented writers, working together. For now, here is the roster:

Zoe Gish- She is a local seattle photographer with triple citizenship. Also, she is nice.

Henry Luke- Also Seattle local, he is a writer and he sounds like a seventeen year old John Wayne, a little bit.

Patrick Kelley- He was born in Baltimore, MD and now lives nowhere in MD. He likes sandwiches and canes.

Clare Elliot- SHE IS EIGHTY YEARS OLD. She is a writer from Seattle and she is not eighty years old. She is youngish. And sleek.

Shayna Frankenfield- A resident of the greater Chicago area, she is a photographer and a student and a stud.

David Anthony Gladfelter- He lives in Seattle and does things with his time that varies in importance. He writes in phases.

We are excited and they are excited and we have no children and they have no children so this is going to be a ‘time’ to ‘remember’.


YSS Chapbook and Zine

The Youth Speaks chapbook will be going under the press (or on? whatever) next saturday if we are not fuck ups and or die or other things (lose our hands, lose our mans, lose faith, blah blah). So that is exciting. Also, Andrew Jackson Jihad is back in town and hopefully, if we are actually charasmatic in any sense, we will be interviewing them for the Jan. Zine. Speaking of that zine, we have some space (I said some, I said some some some) left within it if you wanna get moderately not famous.

Other news, listen to metallica and the growlers. Together.

Nov 30

002- Youth Speaks Seattle Poetry Chapbook!


We are going to be printing and publishing a poetry book for Youth Speaks Seattle, which you can find here They do slam poetry. It is nuts. There will be a limited printing of fifty copies, with maybe some more reprints afterward. Right now there is editing and formatting and typesetting. Next is printing. Then we bind. We will keep you updated.


January Zine

We are now in the process of collecting material for our January zine. Already on board is some poetry, some short writing pieces, recipes for alcohol, and other things that may be ‘balls to the walls’. Submit now. Not like vanquishing control or something like that.



The first ‘project’ is now available. It is a poetry book constructed with words and dental floss and rubber cement and compost bags. It is by Sisterbrother contributor David Anthony Gladfelter. Here is a brief brief brief portion which will give you a taste of something probably:

You won’t kiss me/you’re afraid of something/you won’t fuck me/you’re afraid of 
friction!/aren’t you dreaming of young and old men?/I’ve seen the magazines
that you keep hidden!

Woo! We are excited. Look at us. We are beaming.